21st Century Medicine Woman

When you hear those words, "21st Century Medicine Woman," what do you think of?  What stirs and awakens within you?  Do you wonder who she is?  What she would be like?  Would you aspire to be like her?

When I think of characteristics of this mystery woman, I think of...




Knowledge of the Elemental Forces and Unified of Nature




Respect for the Sacred

Congruence with the Earth

Connected to her Health and Body Wisdom


I could go on but I think you get the idea.  This is a woman who has a deep knowing of the ancient ways.  She is in touch with the Earth and in tune with Nature.  She has a fundamental working knowledge of the natural forces and knows how to use them to manifest balance and stability upon the earth.  She also is a woman connected to the "remembering," the innate wisdom that we all came in with, and knows how to access it.  She is not afraid to look deep inside for her truth and speak powerfully and bravely when she uncovers it.  She is true to herself and the planet.  She knows she has brought forth ancient wisdom within her and she is ready to uncover it and bring it forward in a way that the modern world can understand.

If this sounds like you, or someone you aspire to become, I invite you to join me and Janna Fackrell for our next

21st Century Medicine Woman Immersion

November 23, 2019 ~11:00 am 4 pm

at Sacred Hearts Healing Center

17468 246th St. Tonganoxie, KS 66086

Now also being offered online!

During our time together, we will...

  • Reconnect to the Elemental Forces of Creation and learn how to connect with them through the spiritual technology of the Medicine Wheel;

  • Reconnect to our female bodies and discover how to restore it to its Sacred Rhythm with the earth and why this is so important at this time on the planet;

  • Receive ceremonial chrystaline womb activations to awaken our own sacred "remembering" so we can bring through our own Sacred Medicine.

  • Explore who our own Inner Sacred Medicine Woman is and how she wants to show up in our world now.

  • Participate in a Sacred Creation Dance Ceremony to activate our intentions.

  • Receive charts, handouts and tools so you can do this work on your own.

  • Share healthy food and enjoy time on the ground.

I am Kathy Forest, and have been leading women on adventures like this for over 30 years.  In my capacity as a ceremony leader, and High Priestess of the New Gaia, you will be in safe and loving hands as we explore the depths of what we are capable of and how we can tap into the deep reserves of inner power that have been lying dormant in us for years.   


Questions?  Contact Kath at 785-633-2424