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Express Your Purpose ~

What if I told you...

  • That you could finally live your purpose every single day!

  • That there was a CCT (Crystalline Consciousness Techniques) that you could use to do just that...

  • That not only could you use this to focus in on what you came to this planet for, but you could use it everyday on every project and it would make your work & time more effective, efficient & on target every time?

Get Ready for

The Big Do-Over!

With a CCT Twist!

Up-level your life and business to manifest MORE in 2022!

  • Imagine a  TRULY CLEAN SLATE 

  • Activate the Expressing Your Purpose CCT Grid and truly TURN ON your Life Purpose.

  • Acquire a tool you can use to STAY ON PURPOSE all year long!

  • Learn why 2022 is so pivotal for us personally and on a global scale!

  • Energize your Manifestation Matrix for 2022 and plant the seeds of your intentions in the Quantum Field!

  • Receive powerful creation results in your business, life, and finances

  • Align your 2022 blueprint with the elemental forces of creation

  • Receive guidance to move your authentic dreams into being.

  • Join us for our Expressing Your Purpose Activation on Saturday and  all day pajama day, planning party on Sunday!

2-Day Virtual Activation

& Planning Retreat

Earth with Sun.jpg

The Earth is Changing...

 Life as we know it is passing away....      

Creating the space for something totally new!

The New Earth operates on a whole new system, one that uses less of her resources, one that can source both her and her inhabitants indefinitely.

Sometimes referred to as "Indra's Net," the Crystalline

Grid surrounds the electromagnetic field and vibrates at

a much higher and faster rate than the electromagnetic

field.  It is a whole new system that functions quicker 

and is more efficient, because it works with intention

and Sacred Geometry based on the  golden ratio. Using

the different protocols of this system, gives you much

more control and quicker results than working in the

old system alone.  It is so efficient that it can also be 

used right along side other systems and support them

in amazing ways!

The Expressing My Purpose Protocol in the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) can help you access the highest potential of your creativity any time you choose! 

Friday, December 17, 2021 from 6-9 Central Time we will be receiving this activation and learning how to use it! 

Saturday, December 18, 2021 we will dive into our 2022 Planning Pajama Party INSIDE THIS "EXPRESSING MY PURPOSE" CRYSTALLINE GRID!

Glistening Spider Webs

Talk about the Ultimate Do-Over!

Receiving the Expressing Your Purpose CCT Protocol, then Spending a Whole Day inside that grid to Plan the Coming Year in Ceremony and in Alignment with the Elemental Forces,

Dear Conscious Visionary,

I am so glad you dropped by!  I have been helping conscious creators like yourself, stimulate new growth and ideas for over 25 years.  This year is something totally new.  First, imagine a tool that you could use anytime to help you totally focus and get more done in less time, and also remain focused on your LIFE PURPOSE - the reason that you came to this planet, all the time!I

Then, Imagine being able to start your life over, keep the wisdom gained, but release the bad habits, negative self-talk, and emotional baggage that has accumulated from just living life! And then, recreate a new blueprint and plant it in the field of all possibility.

  • Expressing Your Purpose is an evening class and activation offered on-line on December 17, 2021 at 7:00 pm Central time. 

  • A Year On Purpose is a day long planning pajama party offered inside this Expressing Your Purpose Grid on-line on December 18, 2021 at 9:00 am Central time

  • During our time together, you will be in your most comfortable clothes, sipping tea and your favorite snacks, letting your imagination run wild and you re-design 2022 and up-level your manifestation ability.

  • Creating is a living process with an archetypal energy you can tap into.  This archetypal consciousness can assist and empower you as you choose the components of your life and business.  When you step into the matrix and harness this energy, through simple planning and ceremony, magic happens!

  • This process helps you move through the chaos of creation to find order and stability in your life.








Create a Strong Manifestation Plan...

Many don't understand that a lack of planning leads to weak creation results. Even if they do realize it's importance, very few people take the time to plan effectively.

And, aligning your plan with the archetypal forces of nature can allow your process to be carried by the energy naturally occuring on the planet, rather than"swiming upstream.  It can save you much time energy and frustration.  


 When I started doing this few years ago I noticed a dramatic change in my outcomes!  And truly, once I began energizing my plan in alignment with the energy the planet, everything shifted. I noticed a dramatic difference as almost everything I put down on my manifestation plan came into being. And, to my surprise, most of it happened before mid-year.  Since then I have been doing this every year, giving myself enough time to get the plan in place and then activating it with the Capricorn New Moon!  And this year you can too!

Are you ready to boost your creative potential to Express Your Purpose and the create A YEAR On Purpose?

In this training you will receive:

  • The Expressing Your Purpose Protocol Workbook 

  • Handouts and Charts to Plan Your Perfect Year!





















































































With this training you will focus on energizing
your life creation skills to move your dream into the physical.

It’s time to get your soul’s purpose out of your dreams
and into the world where your contributions are needed, now more than ever.

This program will make a HUGE difference in your year!      

"Many people miss out on expressing their essence, living their purpose, and creating their dreams in life and business because they are waiting for something to “happen” to them. Or they’ve gotten frustrated because things haven’t happened yet when they may need only a simple readjustment to have them come together." --Lisa Michaels

Creation can’t work unless you focus your energy and begin directing the energy toward where you want it to go! So you need to get started now. 

Here's how it will work:

On Friday, December 17...

  • We will learn the Expressing Your Purpose Protocol and how to use it, as well as receive the activation.  There are no prep activations so we can dive right in. 

  • There will be replays you can watch to get the full benefit.  As soon as you register, I will email you your workbook.  Already had this class?  No Problem!  You can just bring your stuff and join us on Saturday.  (Price modified for you below)

On Saturday, December 18...

  • There are 4 modules which will help you to deepen your capacity to consciously design a powerful creation plan for your year. They are full of content, design time, and activations. 

  • We will do each of these modules together on-line on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at the times outlined below beginning within the Expressing Your Purpose Protocol that we will activate in Module 1.

  • There are very easy-to-work-with replays for each module and the bonus on-line. Don’t miss this supportive opportunity to get your power planning done.

  • The technology is super easy to use and very flexible. You can listen over the phone, over your computer, or watch and listen either way.

  • In the program classroom, you can listen to the content anytime you need a refresher or work through it again throughout the year.

Here's what you will learn...

      Module  1               Module 2          Module 3   

        Saturday, December 18, 2021                                              Saturday, December 18, 2021                                Saturday, December 18, 2021

             9-10 am Central On-line                                              10:30-11:30 am Central On-line                               12:30-1:30 am Central On-line

 Call Forth Your Authentic Creations                               Receive Visionary Life Guidance for 2018                   Learn the Manifestation Matrix

Clear Your Old Manifestation Matrix                             Determine Your Core Creation Priorities                     Apply the Matrix to Your Creations 

Activate A New Level of Life Leadership                        Begin drawing the formless into form                         Move your Manifestation Matrix

              Module 4                   

                                      Saturday, December 18, 2021                                                   

                                            2:00-3:00 pm Central                                                                  


                            Receive Elemental Life Guidance for 2022                                 

                            Rock Your Manifestation Rhythm                                                                                                                                                                                                 Activate Elemental Creation Grace

                                   Surround it all with Ceremony






























We can't wait for you to join us for our Pajama Planning Party!







When you say YES to Express Your Purpose ~A Year On Purpose 2022 you will walk away with...

  • A tool you can use anytime to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time with efficiency and proficiency and be in alignment with your life purpose.

  • A workbook to remind you of all you learned, and most important...

  • A clean slate to begin your life over!

  • A manifestation matrix design for 2022.

  • A downloaded guided meditation that will allow you to continue to plant your seeds in the seedbed of all possibilities:  THE QUANTUM!

  • A visionary design and implementation strategy for your creations.

  • Done-for-you planning templates to use anytime you have more planning to do.

  • Knowing how to effectively and rhythmically care and feed your creations during your dynamic year (and why this is so critical).

  • Understanding why learning to work with the new moons throughout the year is so important to your success!

  • Planning while being in the comfort of your own home, relaxing in your pj’s, or in your comfortable clothes in person.

  • Guidance from the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit) to boost your creations. Respectfully call the elements forth as your personal creation team for 2022.

  • Energizing your plan!


Join us for

Expressing Your Purpose ~ Year on Purpose 2021

ONLINE December 17 at 7 pm Central Time & December 18 at 9:00 am Central Time 


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