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Become a Miracle Master


If you are on this page, then you already know that you can turn every difficulty into an opportunity...every low point into a chance for growth.


You also know that as you embark on this journey you get to develop your character, AND put real "cash in your pocket."


And you also know that it is not just an option, but a requirement...that each and every difficulty we face, is a call to change it.  

And you also know that it is difficult to do it ALONE!!!

Now you don't have to!!

Manifesting Miracles in your everyday life for yourself and others can be fun and easy!

Life no longer needs to be a struggle!

Every moment can be a moment for manifesting a miracle!


Hiking Boots

YOU are the soul of your business, your money, your health and your life! and your willingness to transform yourself on multiple levels & dimensions …

Is precisely what enables you to expand your miracles into every aspect of your life, attract people who resonate with you, and bring massive positive change into the world.

Every single aspect of your life, your business (including your sales, and your marketing strategies), your money management, your health and wellness practices...all of these things have to feel really good to you on a soul level …

Or they’re simply NOT going to work.

When the practical aspects and your deepest purpose are conflicting with one another,

your miracles are not going to flow, and your project, business, or life transformation is NOT going to be sustainable for you in the long run.

What if you could...

  • Set aside the time necessary to dive deeply into larger Miracle Manifestation?

  • Get expert help in setting up structures to support your miracle?

  • Gain the focus of a group of powerful Miracle Masters to assist you in your miracle creation?

  • Finally make peace with money?

  • Create your dream business?

  • Fill your calendar with right and perfect clients that love you?

  • Or transform your current business into the one you have always dreamed of?

  • Finally stick to a health routine that you love, and have results?

Do all those things sound like it would take a MIRACLE to transform them?  Then those are exactly the things we will work with!

If you are ready to...

Utilize the "Made For Miracles" in a much deeper way to...

  • Finally put an end to your money struggles;

  • Transform your relationships;

  • Truly, truly love your work and your business;

  • Release the burdens and the struggles in your life;

  • Transform your life and your world and help others to do the same,

JoinMe for

Made for Miracles


What you will receive...

  • 12 Mastermind meetings using the Mastermind format so you get individual personalized assistance with your specific Miracle.  In 6 of these workshops each individual will get to look deeply at their process and gain the input from the group.  In the other 6 we will give training on topics chosen by the group to move us forward together.

  • All training handouts and materials for the 6 "by-subject" trainings

  • All Modules are offered both in-person and on-line 

  • Recordings of all Modules so you can refer back to them again and again.

  • The "Made for Miracles" Protocol booklet along with worksheets to help you work the process

  • A Crystaline Consciousness Technique (CCT) chart session with Kath to secure your miracle

  • 2 free coaching call with Kath to make sure you are on track

  • Classes begin Wednesday, October 2, 2019 On-Line 12:00 Noon Central and In-Person 6:30 pm


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