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Welcome to

Womb Awakenings

The Crystalline Womb Activation Series ~ CLASSROOM

Welcome to the Awakening of your Imaginal Cells!

Welcome to the classsroom!  Here you will find everything you need to participate in the WOMB AWAKENING that is overtaking the globe!

Classes will meet twice a month on Monday evenings at 6:00 Central time.  

This will be the link where you can join us live for each class:

Womb Awakenings Schedule

Watch this page for instructions for each of our classes, along with handouts and recordings!


Class 1

For Class 1  you will need to know your Moon Sign and the Phase of the Moon you were born under.  You can get this  by sending me (Kath) your birth information:  Name, Date, Time and place.  Send this info to or text it to 785-633-2424. I will run your birth chart and all the information you need to participate in the class to make your Moondala!

You will also need to gather the following art supplies:  

  • A large (or whatever size feels good to you) piece of art paper, with 4 concentric rings drawn on it.  You may want to wait until you see mine before you draw your circles.

  • Art supplies to color or paint with, like markers, colored pencils, crayons or paint.

Module 1a

Module 1b

Module 2a

Module 2b

Module 3a

Module 3b

Module 4a

Module 4b


Module 5a

Module 5b

Module 6a

red fire-planet.jpg

Module 6b

red fire-planet.jpg

Module 7a

red fire-planet.jpg

Module 7b

red fire-planet.jpg
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