Welcome home to your

Extraordinary Soul

Welcome to the classroom!  

I am ecstatic that you have chosen to embark upon this most sacred of all journeys!  This is the place where you will find everything you need so be sure to bookmark it so you can find it.

Your beginning assignments:

Please email me at three-feathers@hotmail.com, the following information so I can get started on the preliminary work:



Name at birth

Birth date

Birth time

Birth Place


Extraordinary Soul Schedule

Next begin to gather your tools:

5 hand-sized rocks.  You will need 4 more of these later in the process.


A soft heart

To help with the soft heart piece, I am including a guided meditation to take you into the quantum field.  Do this practice as often as you can and see if you can work up to daily.  This will begin to allow your energy body to be sourced from The Source.

Our first on-line ceremony is May 4, 2022 at 11:00 am Central time.  Here is the link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9990575346?pwd=QXZMWUVoZEkzVnUyY0poanAyclBHdz09

This, and all your other online classes, will be recorded and stored here so you can watch it at your convenience.

quantum Field Meditation

Preparing for Modules 1-5

Some notes:

  • Be sure to download and print out the class workbook before class.  It will make it alot easier to do the exercises.  Because these are recorded, if you are doing them on the recording, feel free to stop the recording to finish any exercise that you need to finish.

  • You will want to use the 5 hand-sized stones for your own personal wheel on a regular basis.  Obviously outside is best but if you are doing the exercises inside, you can open and close the wheel with me as I do it on the Module recordings.  Be sure to close your wheel between uses!

  • You will need a notebook for journaling, a crystal, 2 or 3 dry beans, a few strands of your own hair, a feather or a representation of the animal kingdom, and a place to bury these items, either a potted plant or outside.  Since this is a ceremony, you may want to burn some sage or incense and smudge yourself.

  • These were originally meant to be done outside, in an active Medicine Wheel, one right after the other.  Obviously, it may not be possible for you to recreate this for yourself, but do your best.  If you can do them outside, that is perfect.  I know most of you won't have a wheel so no worries.  You will learn about this soon.

  • It is not advisable, to do just one module, and then stop for a long period of time.  Decide ahead of time how quickly you want to get through the material.  Set a schedule and stick to it. We will do the online Modules weekly so that is a good pace for you. If you get behind, I would not wait a whole month between Modules.

  • These are very high-level, powerful ceremonies.  Treat them that way.  If you have any difficulties, questions, or reactions you don't understand, please don't hesitate to contact me at 785-633-2424.

  • After the ceremony, treat yourself well.  No TV, alcohol, drugs, or other 'out of the ordinary' behavior for at least 24 hours.  Take salt baths, relax, meditate journal.  Let the teachings really sink in!

  • Once we get everyone signed up, we will create a What's App group for ourselves.  Go ahead and download the app so you will be ready.  

module 1


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module 2


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module 3

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module 4

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module 5

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module 6

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Module 6 Handout

module 7

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Module 7-8 Handout

module 8

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module 9

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Module 9 Handout

module 10

module 11

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module 12

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Module 12 Handout

module 13

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Module 13 Handout

module 14

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Module 14 Handout

module 15

module 16

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Module 16 Handout

module 17

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Module 17 Handout

module 18

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Module 18 Handout

module 19

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Module 19 Handout

module 20

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Module 20 Handout

module 21

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Module 21 Handout

module 22

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Module 22 Handout

module 23


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Module 23 Handout

module 24

module 25

module 26

module 27

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module 28

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module 29

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module 30

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module 31

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module 32

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module 33

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module 35

module 36

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Module 36 Handout

module 37

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Module 37 Handout

module 38

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Module 38 Handout