Get Grounded!!

If you have been around me for more than 30 minutes you know my philosophy about health.  Our human bodies were not made to live indoors.  We were made to live barefoot on the ground!  She is our most important Source for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  This is because we are all electromagnetic fields.  She (the Earth Mother) is a giant electromagnet.  We are tiny little electromagnets that live on her back.  If we loose that connection, our bodies begin to break down.  Our ancestors knew this and most indiginous tribes still do.  

However, since modern humans began to move indoors and wear tennis shoes, we have been keeping ourselves insulated from the number one place we need to get lifeforce into our bodies.  Plastic, rubber and wood are very good insulators.  Luckily modern science is finally catching up!  It has now been proven scientifically that you can reduce the symptoms of any inflammatory disease (virtually all disease) by simply putting your bare feet on the ground for 30 minutes a day.  BUT KATHY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!

Enter:  The Grounding Mat!

Now you can get your electromagnetic field charged without ever having to leave the comfort of your warm house!  Isn't modern science wonderful?!! (Said, tongue in cheek, of course.)  But seriously, this is becoming a health problem that doesn't have to exsist.  GROUNDEDBEAUTY has created a mat that you can plug into any grounded outlet in your home or even run the line out your window and plug it into the ground.  I use this daily and keep one on my healing table for my clients.  You can put it on your bed and sleep on it at night or put your feet on it during the day.  I am always going to tell you that the best way to get your 'MAMA JUICE" IS DIRT TIME OUTSIDE, but when weather is a problem or if you just don't get the time, this is a great backup plan!  

I am a distributor of these wonderful mats which you can order below:

Watch this informative video about the creator of the grounding mat!