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Meet  Kath...

Passionate About Inspiring Others

We have all been the zone...hitting all the green lights...catching all the pop-flies...and then life happens, right?​  I know that has been true for me. For so long, I managed to sustain myself and my life by being such a good performer.  But when it came to performing for myself as an entrepreneur, I could not seem to sustain the same level of performance - go figure!  It took many years of exploration to help me discover the solution right outside my door, hiding in plain sight.

I have owned my own business for over twenty years and have been empowering women to live their lives fully for over 35 years. I began by growing a small 10-bed domestic violence shelter in a small house with a skeleton staff to a 30 bed women's empowerment facility, with 8 full-time staff.  

Because I knew I wanted to take women further than just survival, I began my own coaching and facilitation business after completing my Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling.  I facilitate personal development programs to help people deepen their spirituality, navigate transformation, and heal their life. Along the way I have acquired several skills that I use to help clients including energy work, Reiki and Past Life Regression Therapy.  I see these tools as vital and fundamental sources of healing and nourishment for humanity and have established Celetial Forest Institute of Energy Healing and Shamanic Studies to train others in the ethical and practical use of these tools for live and business growth.


One of the most fundamental things I have found that facilitates women living purposeful lives is to re-establish their relationship to the planet we live upon. I have provided countless sweat lodges, fire walks, women's circles and retreats to help them connect to the natural world so they could use their inner guidance to more consciously create their lives with grace and ease.

Creation tools work exactly the same way no matter what it is we apply them to: better relationships, health, business building, increasing income, dancing through life, or living in harmony with Nature. 

The teachings I share come from personal experience, divine download, connection to nature, and my relationship to Source. I hold every aspect of life as a sacred avenue for increasing inner wisdom and learning to more consciously create. 

I’m dedicated to helping you connect deeply to your spiritual Source, as you move through personal transformation and grow your personal and professional life through my programs and services. I work to offer tools to help you create a soul-filled experience in your life and work, as well as help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

I’d love to connect with you! Contact me here or on Facebook let me know about who you are and where you need support!

  • Masters Degree in Psychology & Counseling, Central Missouri State University

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Master Energy Healer and Instructor

  • Certified Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reader

  • Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach

  • Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach

  • Certified Creation Coach

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified in Crystaline Consciousness Technique

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