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Tropical Leaves

Flip the switch and begin creating the life you truly want...

Path of the Profitable Priestess
Access Your Spiritual Wisdom ~ Up-Level Your Net Worth!


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Your Female Body is a literal creation machine!
Learn how to access the ancient spiritual wisdom within you to live the life you came here to live!

Chances are if you are reading this right now, you are ready to make more money doing what you love.

You may fall into one of these three categories....

Tropical Leaves

You are not clear on your Purpose, but you know you are meant for MORE!

Tropical Leaves

You are very clear on your Life Purpose, but not sure how to create a business around it.

Tropical Leaves

You have started your business but are dissatisfied the the income and workload.

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Maybe you are in a job you hate.  You know you were meant to do something else...anything else...but how to do that is totally eluding you;

Maybe you have dreamed of owning your own business, but don't know where to start;

Maybe you have tried to do things on your own but you didn't have much success and you are wondering how in the world do people ever make money doing this;

Maybe you have even worked with a coach, but the results were not what you were expecting and you quit, feeling like you spent way too much for way too little.

And all of this has you convinced that "having it all" is for someone else, not for you.

I promise you this is so very far from the truth!

No matter what category you are in,

No matter how hopeless you feel,

Even if you don't fit in any of the categories but just want to improve your creation capacity,​

Your female body is designed to create at levels way beyond what you are imagining right now.  If you are not living the life of your dreams, it is time for a change.

  • These changes have nothing to do with creating a website or hiring a virtual assistant, (although eventually, you probably will)

  • They don't require you to concern yourself with your social media presence or your next marketing funnel (but later you might)

  • Initially, you don't have to figure out business plans or income strategies;

  • But what they do require is an up-leveling of your inner game...

They do require you to return to the wisdom embedded in your body and learn how to truly access it (something most of us never really learned how to do);

They require you to own your own worth and your own deserving-ness;

They require you to show up in your own life;

They require you to switch ON your body's creation system and use it they way it was intended.

Once you do, your life will transform.

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  • Getting up everyday and looking forward to your day!

  • Doing what you love, what you were meant to do, what you could do with your eyes closed and ACTUALLY getting paid to do it!

  • Setting your own hours and your own pay-scale.

  • Working all day and not feeling tired, not even noticing time passing because you are "in the zone."

  • Not having to leave your house to work unless you want to.

  • Feeling good in your body.

  • Taking vacations you truly enjoy, when you want.

  • Having all the money you could ever need or want.

  • Enjoying your life.

Are you ready to step into the life you were meant to live?

Once you learn how to access the creative power that is already coursing through your body, once you activate your innate wisdom and turn it on, your life will never be the same.

Enjoying Nature

Are you ready to increase your income doing what you love?


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Use the same program that took me to a six figure income living a life I love.

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I quit my day job!

Profitable Priestess has given me both the practical skills I needed to create my online business and the spiritual skills and support necessary to stay in integrity with my soul’s purpose...It has led me through an alchemical process that has helped me to get clear about the sacred work that I am here to do, while also helping me to release old fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, etc., that have held me back in the past...When I look back at all I have learned and accomplished in the past year, I’m amazed!

Suzi Cooper, Therapist, Life Coach

Rising Phoenix Academy of Transformation

Tropical Leaves

Here's How it Works...

This 9 month program is taught in 37 weekly LIVE (on Zoom) modules

by me, Kathy Forest...Yes we spend a lot of time together!

Here's what you get...

What you will receive:

  • 38 Modules of activations, content, and ceremonies, delivered by Kathy Forest,  beginning with opening ceremony, September 14, 2023, at 4 pm Central time.  Weekly classes will be held at 4:00 pm Central time Wednesdays.

  • All on-line sessions are recorded for easy participation later. It is not required that you attend any of the live training times; however, you do want to stay fairly close to where the group is in the program.

  • A Deep dive into your Astrological Birth Chart to determine your creative skills and gifts and your life purpose.

  • Free Profitable Priestess Divination Card Deck

  • Free book - Turning Point Stories, Part 1, Co-Authored by Kathy Forest

  • 11 months of space-holding by Kathy to allow you to deepen your process.  Your intention for the process will be on her altar for the full eleven months.

  • Spiritual Community Connections ~ You'll be sent a personal invitation to the New Earth Priestess Private What's App group, as well as ways to connect with the larger Priestess Community of this lineage line on Facebook.


  • Membership in Sacred Rhythms - a 12-month, on-line Moon Circle that teaches you how to align your body with the planet.

  • Membership in Body Wisdom Bootcamp - a 21-day full body cleanse; a deep dive into the Sacred Rhythms body teachings beginning again in January 2024. 

  • Financial Sovereignty - an 8-module Money Course that helps you move your money blocks and build your income the Feminine Way.​​




Tropical Leaves

Here's  what you will learn...

Modules 1-11

  • Experience the profound life-changing alchemical ceremonies that activate your Inner Profitable Priestess Self.  This system has proven itself to be a powerful spiritual technology that goes the distance, with a lineage line that spans the globe.

  • Dive deeply into the Moving Manifestation Matrix template that utilizes the forces of Nature to move your business out of the dream realm and powerfully into the physical realm.

  • Get all the step-by-step instructions on how to build your business from the ground up.

Modules 12-14

  • Learn how to read your astrology chart to determine your life mission and purpose.

  • Learn to work within the Mission and Vision of your business so you are working from your soul in all areas of your life;

Modules 15-20

  • Receive the pivotal activation that will normalize your business and personal relationships and restore sanity to your days;

  • Build solid structures to contain and form your ideal business, including business plans and budgets that you can embrace;

Modules 21-26

  • Engage in powerful ceremonies designed to assist you in reviewing where you have been accessing what worked and leaving the past behind.


  • Create an abundant flow of divine right clients into your business;

Modules 27-37

  • Create goals and visions that can empower you rather than encumber you;

  • Learn the right actions to take to create a generous flow of income.         

Tropical Leaves

And Bonuses...

Sacred Rhythms & Body Wisdom Boot Camp ~

The "secret sauce" that shows you how to turn up the volume on your creation capacity by utilizing your most powerful shamanic tool:  YOUR FEMALE BODY!

(Click on the classes to learn more!)

Stalking Your Sacred Work ~

Zero in on your Mission and Vision, first for your life, then for your business!

Financial Sovereignty ~ End your money worries now.  Improve your relationship with money and learn to drawn in more the Feminine Way.

What is it worth to you...

to make a great income doing what you love...what comes natural to you...what doesn't feel like work at all.  When you realize that just 1 client is worth at least $1,000 to $3,000, then you can see that only 2 clients would more than pay for the price of this program.


  • 37 LIVE in-person (on Zoom) Group Calls

  • 11 Private Coaching Sessions


  • Energy Healing and Crystalline Consciousness Activations 

  • Handouts, templates, worksheets, protocols and more to get your business up and running

  • Access to the Private Facebook Community

  • Sacred Rhythms and Body Wisdom Boot Camp to switch on your Creation Machine

  • Stalking Your Sacred Work to get clear on your mission.

  • Financial Sovereignty to rekindle your love relationship with MONEY!

The Path of the Profitable Priestess

Invest in a life you love today!


Pay-In-Full $3,500

11 payments of $350


Exploring New Possibilities!

Profitable Priestess has helped me to discover and direct my soul's purpose on this planet. I started the course with the intent to rebuild my furniture restoration business after Covid shut me down and ended up choosing a completely different path. What Kathy teaches works like magic in my life and has brought joy and excitement where there would normally be doubt and fear exploring new opportunities and taking the risks that set my soul on fire.

Casey Carlson




In 2002, I left the corporate world to live my take what I had learned and was learning about the natural world and use it help others.  I had had much success running a non-profit and doing free-lance contractual work.  I had no worries I would be a success in anything I chose to do.


I became a healer, a ceremony leader, and a retreat mentor and coach.  I was successful doing all those things.  Just ask anyone...folks LOVE my work.  But where I failed miserable was supporting myself doing it. 

And I am embarrassed to say I spent 20 years struggling, along with thousands of dollars on coaching, but never saw results.  I was always worried about money! I woke up every morning with that dull dread in the pit of my stomach...worry.  I never really knew what to do to really grow my business.

Kathy drumming at fire.jpg
Kathy GGWW.jpg

I can happily say those days are over.  I now know exactly WHAT to do, and have all the HOW To’s at my fingertips.  By combining all I had learned:

  • Turning on THE SHAMANIC POWER TOOL: my body,

  • Tapping into the Unified Field of Creation and using the Earth's system of business creation;

  • Combining that with smart MONEY Practices and solid marketing strategies,

I had my best financial year ever.   And that system continues to replicate and and grow itself.  It grew my income to 6-figures this year.  In this program I give you everything:  the ceremonies, the coaching, the practical business tools!  This system works for others, as well, and I know it will work for you



The Earth is Changing...

 Life as we know it is passing away....













Creating the space for something totally new!

The New Earth operates on a whole new system, one that uses less of her resources, one that can source both her and her inhabitants indefinitely.

She needs Priestesses that know how to operate that system and hold the space for what is coming...

She needs Priestesses that can "dream in the new" while "transitioning the old" into more functional forms...

She needs Priestesses that can harness the gifts of our ancient past, and dream in our ancient future...

Most of all, She needs Priestesses anchored in their inner spiritual work so they can manifest an abundant life and be a shining example of that for others!




    Let's face it.  If you are even still looking at this page, you know

   you came here to give your gifts.  You came here with a divine

   purpose. You have always known this and have done your best

   to live your life accordingly. 


   But are you truly fully living that divine purpose?

   Do you know the steps to take to turn on your divine alchemical

   power and make alchemy practical? Is the work that you are 

   doing making your heart sing? Is you income what you want it to be?  



    Do you know how to harness the new energies that are hitting the

    planet and use them to create the new world we all desire?


   My divine purpose is to help you find yours and manifest it in

    the physical right now!


    Profitable Priestess will give you the tools to  know your purpose, and truly activate it on the         planet  so you can do what makes your heart sing and fill your bank account NOW.

Traditionally, Priestess is an archetype of sovereign female spirituality.  

She is a woman who owns her own authority and holds a direct connection to her Spiritual Source.

She needs no one to intervene on her behalf.

She knows what she is here to do and HOW TO DO IT! 

This aspect of femininity is available to all women and is desperately needed on this planet                                                                        at this time.                                                                                                                      

When you  allow this aspect of yourself to come forth, all of your latent spiritual gifts begin to awaken.  These gifts hold the keys to strengthen and improve all aspects of your daily modern life and business. As you deepen this  connection to the Divine Feminine, your

leadership abilities, your life manifestation skills, and your business and prosperity flow in ways you cannot imagine. Your life becomes richer, more soul-full.  You become more deliberate in all of your actions.  

You begin to RISE and become the woman you always knew you could be in every area of your life, using your skills to help your community and your world.

This inner Spiritual Authority is not dictated by any religion. Thus, a priestess may be a member of any religion or have connection to none.  Priestess gifts awaken and are used to cook a meal, care for children, lead a board meeting, or officiate ceremony.  Awakening the archetype opens you to a whole new level of feminine power lying dormant within all women no matter what their race, creed or culture.  Priestesses are known to hold the interface between heaven and earth thus bringing much needed spiritual healing to our world.  A Priestess may connect to the Divine in nature just as well as in any home, church, synagogue, or temple.


Awakening your inner priestess works psychically to put you in deep contact with the Divine and your own deep well of inner wisdom.  Working in the unconscious and subconscious realm, it helps you to tap into your own rich storehouse of knowledge and inner knowing.  It helps you to create a life that is finally in alignment with your own sweet Spirit and your Spiritual Source. 


Gradually, you begin to empty your world and body of all that is no longer needed so you can become the challis or the hollow bone for Spirit to flow through. From this place of receptivity, you can receive the information and subtle vibrations of Spirit and anchor them onto the earth plane. 

Activating your inner Profitable

Priestess will enhance and enliven

every aspect of your life!  You will be

able to not only access the richness​

and rekindle the magic of life, but you

will be able to share it with those you

love in a more profound way.  This

process awakens deep psychological

processes embedded within you that

allow you to come more fully into your

Wisdom Self in all areas of your life.  I

have not found a process more deeply


Once this takes place you can truly Create A Purpose-driven Business!

The market is flooded with individuals striving to live their divine plan, but not knowing quite how to make it happen.  If you have tried all the manifestation techniques, if you are exhausted from working an hourly wage even though you work for yourself, you are in the right place.  Developing your inner game is the only way to effect permanent change in your bottom line.

                                               SAVE $500-SIGN UP BY AUGUST 30!

This process is for you if...

  • ​​You know you are excellent at what you do but you have not figured out how to make money doing it.

  • You are craving more feminine spiritual connection

  • You find yourself wondering how you can be of service

  • You long to access the rich depth of your inner wisdom and apply it to your work and business

  • You want to learn how to connect more deeply to the elemental forces of nature and see how they can impact your financial growth

  • ​You want to find a balance between the masculine and feminine energies in your life and work

  • You desire to discover and awaken your inner gifts to enhance your business

  • You want to learn practical tools for business growth while not neglecting your spiritual work

  • You want to discover your sacred purpose and actively live it.

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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

 The Path of the Profitable Priestess




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