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Tropical Leaves

Celestial Forest Institute

Feminine Shamanic Wisdom ~
Awakening Our Ancient Future......


 Welcome to the Forest...

Everything you need to know about life on this planet can be learned here. All sages know, whether you are untangling a relationship, healing an illness, or managing a business, life's mysteries are best understood at the place where they all began. Here you can tap into the Source you require to gain clarity and perspective, catch the vision of your future, and energize your body and your life. 


Hi, I'm Kathy Forest, and I’ve been studying spirituality and making it practical all my life.  I have always known that every difficulty or experience we encounter in life has a spiritual solution. But it wasn't until I dove deeply into the study of the elemental forces that I began to discover the secret hidden deep within our cells. Working with nature began to give this truth new meaning and a solid structure in my life that I have not found anywhere else. No other coach or class has offered me the deep wisdom, and concrete answers to difficult problems that I have found right outside my door.  Whether in business, health, life path or relationships, Nature always can provide a solution.

Green Nature
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