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The Blood Mysteries: 


A Deeper Dive

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Dear Seeker,

During times of uncertainty, it is always good to rely on things that are stable...grounded.. practical...things that make sense.


When you don't know what to do, do what you know.

I am here to remind you that you DO KNOW!

Housed right inside your feminine body is all the wisdom, skill, tools and know how to get you through any challenge.  She is the container that holds and houses all kinds of alchemical information.  She is the library of history.  She IS the Akashic Record!


The Pillars of the Feminine Mysteries a 7 Week Course designed to give you  everything you need, all the tools and information you need to to get your body back and use it as it was to mine it for the information you right now may desperately need to get your life back on track!

  • Learn the fundamentals and the history about why these practices are important.

  • Get a plethora of tools designed to clear, cleanse and heal your body down to the cellular level;

  • Release old trauma, abuse, and toxic memories, that may be blocking your creativity;

  • Re-align, with your womb, your body, the Earth, and most importantly, YOUR TRUE SELF.

Nature Girl
Model in Nature

Here's our topics...

Woman in Nature

Module 1:  Creating Space ~ Tracking your Moon Cycle

Module 2:  Keeping the Sacred Timing ~ Moon Lodging

Module 3:  Making Contact ~ The Blood-Earth Connection

Module 4:  Supporting the Goddess ~ Right Care of the Female Body

Module 5:  Clearing the Temple ~ Deep Cleansing Tools

Module 6:  Alchemy ~ Priestess-ing the Planet

Module 7:  Q and A ~ Last Thoughts

As a special bonus,


Those who sign up also receive a one year membership in Sacred Rhythms, monthly virtual Moon Lodge circle.

Here's what you receive...

red woman in sunrise.jpg

Here’s what you receive…


  • 7 online classes complete with slide handouts and the audio recordings that you can keep for a lifetime and refer to again and again.

  • Handouts, worksheets, instructions, guides, recipes, everything you need to do these practices and teach it to others.

  • An opportunity to meet virtually with like-minded women and me in a circle for seven weeks ~ a priceless opportunity.

  • Never being afraid of your future again!

Lady in Nature

If you are ready to...

  • To reclaim your feminine wisdom and power;

  • To know how to train your daughters and nieces to do the same thing;

  • To de-mystify the mysteries;

  • And to just plain quit being afraid!

Join me on April 22, 2020!

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