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Your life is not an accident.  You came here with a plan.  You were born with a divine mission… a sacred purpose.  And, you know it!  At this point in Earth’s history it is necessary for all of us to begin to live that vision and mission.  Are you ready to earth that vision and make it a reality?


So what is stopping you?  Many women settle for lack-luster results in their life and business even though they know deep within the core of their being that they were meant for greatness.  You came here to do something important.  It’s that elusive “thing,” that nagging itch, that unsettled feeling that keeps you up at night ... that wakes you up in the morning.  


The solution is as close as your breath… Your female body is a shamanic power tool.  You can use it to access the wisdom of the universe, to harness the energy all around you.  Embedded in your body is all the information you need to solve any perceived problem and create the life and success you have always dreamed of. 

My grand desire for you is that you get clear on who you are and what you came here to do…and then you go do it!  

The ancient art of "stalking" teaches us that in order for us to get close to animals, we must learn to "be with" them.  We have to immerse ourselves in their environment and begin to think like them, vibrate with them, know their medicine.  The same holds true when you are trying to discern your own dreams and visions.  It's not enough to ponder it periodically, wishing and hoping that someday....  We must immerse ourselves in it's energy.  We have to give it the time and space to reveal itself to us.  We have to know what it needs to begin to grow and thrive.

I am inviting you to do, just that.  Spend some time with me in the Medicine Wheel,  and let's learn to

Stalk Your Sacred Work

Whether you have no clue why you are here or you have been doing your sacred work for awhile and just feel like you need a reboot, spending time "being with"  who you are at SOUL level and allowing her to speak can open up avenues of opportunity, and help you harness the new energies and ideas that are hitting the planet right now.

Join me on in the recording made on August 22, 2023, and we will spend a few hours

  •  Getting clear on your passions;

  • Writing the Mission Statement for Your Life and Work; and

  • Harnessing Your Vision for your future!

Regular Price - $277

Now only - $97!

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