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Reiki Master Preparation

Becoming a Reiki Master is a bold and powerful step.  It says to the Universe that you are ready step up to a more powerful position and act on behalf of the planet!  I personally believe that everytime, you attune someone to Reiki, you not only help them and all the people they are going to touch, but you literally give the planet an energetic upgrade.  At this time of immense change and flux, it is so important for as many of us as are able to do what we can to support positive change in any way we can.  Becoming a Reiki Master is a very powerful and potent way to do this.

Because it IS such a powerful step, I believe it is important for everyone who embarks on this journey to do some preparation.  And, since I make it my business to make this journey as affordable as possible for everyone, rather than make the training itself, long, cumbersome and costly, I have created a preparatory class that gives you the tools you need to do much of the preparation on your own.  In this class you will receive:

  • More Medicine Wheel training to empower your Reiki work;

  • Training in the techniques that are required to pass on Reiki Attunements so you can begin to practice them now!

  • The powerful Reiki Master Meditation, that should be done on a consistant and regular basis for at least several weeks prior to receiving the Master Attunements;

  • Another powerful symbol to add to your symbol toolbox to empower your Reiki practice;

  • A mini-business course to make sure you are getting your Reiki business off to a powerful start.

This class is strictly for Reiki II practitioners who are interested in becoming Reiki Masters.  Our next session is:

Tuesday, July14, 2020

10:00 am - 2:30 pm


3200 Mesa Way, Suite A

Lawrence, Kansas 66049




Questions?  Call me at 785-633-2424

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