StarMaiden Creation Goddess

Pre-requisite for this level of the Process is completion of both the
StarMaiden Priestess Process AND the StarMaiden High Priestess Process Initiation
through the lineage line of Nicole Christine

This Year Only!  High Priestess Training and Apprentiship will be included as a bonus!  Next year they will be seperate trainings!


StarMaiden Creation Goddess is for anyone ready and willing to take the deep dive into the practice of Alchemy and see it for the profound and serious spiritual practice that it truly is! 


  • This is the place where you truly get serious about your intentions.

  • This is where you draw a line in the sand and say, "I will not continue to live the same life, the same way, period!"

  • This is where the rubber meets the road...its not about learning the theory, its about putting it into practice.

                    Let's face it.  If you are even looking at this page, you know

                    you came here to give your gifts.  You came here with a 

                    divine purpose.  You have always known this and have live

                    your life accordingly.  But are you truly fully living that divine

                   purpose?  Do you know the steps to take to turn on your

                   divine alchemical power and make alchemy practical?  Is what

                   you are doing now working for you?  My divine purpose is to

                   help you find yours and manifest it in the physical right now!


                   StarMaiden Creation Goddess is the tool we use, to not only

                   know what our purpose is, but truly ctivate it on the planet as

                   we intended!

Here is some of what you will experience...

  • Extensive deepening of the alchemical tools and techniques we have "talked about" and "played with" in Priestess and High Priestess.  Now these concepts will be put to use.

  • A deeper understanding of the mechanics of the alchemical process and how and why it is so important to keep it alive and actively conscious on the planet.  This principle is active on the planet all the time.  If you don't consciously use it, life can get bumpy.

  • Learning how to truly align your intention with the creative flow so you can truly create your desired outcomes!

  • The opportunity to take your understanding to the next level by applying the principles of alchemy to a class project so that you can learn the teachings first hand as you create something, and have the support of a caring community to hold you accountable.

  • Learning how to apply the principles of alchemy both to your business and your income.

  • Ceremonies to help you activate your inner StarMaiden Creation Goddess, as well as release old thoughtforms that have held the life you have been living in place for far too long!

  • A deep dive into all the stages of alchemy to allow them to work their magic on your project so it can come to fruition!

  • A manditory clearing through shamanic death and rebirth as well as a transfiguration ceremony.

What you will receive:

  • 30  Modules of activations, content, and ceremonies, BOTH IN PERSON AND ON-LINE delivered by Kathy Forest, StarMaiden Creation Goddess, beginning  July 25, 2018, with an online opening ceremony July 22, 2018 at 7:00 pm Central time;

  • All on-line sessions are recorded for easy participation later. It is not required that you attend any of the live training times; however, you do want to stay fairly close to where the group is in the program.

  • This Year Only!  Priestess Facilitator training that includes a weekend intensive and the opportunity to co-facilitate Preistess classes both in-person and on-line as is your preference!

  • 1 Hour Body Wisdom Coaching-Energy Healing to assist you with your process;

  • 2 30-minute coaching sessions to facilitate your growth;

  • 9 months of space-holding by Kathy to allow you to deepen your process and assistance with completion of your project;

  • Spiritual Community Connections ~ You'll be sent a personal invitation to the StarMaiden Priestess Private Facebook Group, as well as ways to connect with the larger Priestess Community of this lineage line.


  • In-Person Circles meet once a month beginning August 18, 2018 9:00 am

       -1:00 pm.         On-line Circles meet Wednesdays at 2:00 pm


  • Membership in Sacred Rhythms - a 12-month, on-line Moon Circle that teaches you how to align your body with the planet


  • Opening On-line Ceremony will be July 22 at 7:00 pm.

                      Price Roll Back Special til July 15                                            Price Roll Back Special til July  15

                                 Pay in full - $777                                                         11 monthly payments of $77 ($847)

Questions?  Call Kath at 785-633-2424

3200 Mesa Way, Suite A

Tel: 785-633-2424

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