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Let's Get Real!

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Have you ever faced a turning point in your life where you had to make a choice to change? A moment when nothing would ever be the same again?

If you’re human, the answer is likely YES...

Imagine what would happen if you invited the pain to guide you, allowing yourself to feel to the depths of your being and melt the armor around your heart? 

Within these pages, 16 powerful voices will crack your heart wide open. You’ll be inspired to embody a higher vibrational frequency that offers more expansion in your life—more love, compassion, joy, acceptance, and grace. 


These stories share the Raw and Real truth of each author’s own turning point, offering guidance on the path and a glimpse into what is possible. 

Allow yourself to receive these vulnerable transmissions so that you, too, may activate the Divine Feminine within, trust that you BELONG to life, and know that you are never truly alone.

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Here's what folks are saying...


"Kathy Forest's story of deep transformation unfolds dramatically, and over long years of commitment to her spiritual calling. Her writing is stirring, disturbing, igniting, engaging and inspirational. Her message is urgent: women must WAKE UP to their innate power NOW! The Earth can't wait, our future is on the line. Kathy's story will inspire any woman who reads it to persist, and to work to encourage every other woman to step into the realization of her divine potential. Stories such as these need to be told. I hope this book reaches many."


Tayria Ward, Ph.D.

Founder of Bridging Worlds 

"Kathy Forest's Turning Point will be a pivotal moment for many women (and men) who have chosen a path that has led them away from their purpose.  Further, it will prevent others from making such a fatal decision in the future.


Kathy's own chapter, 'Becoming a Radical Revolutionary,' crackles with the same fire that Kathy brings to all of her sacred work.  We learn here that each of us, no matter our accomplishments or strengths, can lose our way.


There are many ways to find direction again and Turning Point can lead us to it. This well-written and compelling compilation is a must read at this critical time in history."


Bonnie Salamon

Facilitator, Author, Gerontologist, Life-Cycle Celebrant, Wise Elder

"There are few words that can share the impact into the world of Kathy Forest's sacred work.  Two of them are.... courageous and inspiring 

Helping other women see and understand that the most tragic of life scenarios need not be life defining but instead a pathway to an inner transformation and connection that can literally change our inner and outer world is a sacred gift - and something every woman needs to read and truly understand and appreciate the power of healing and transformation."


Sara Estelle Turner

Sovereignty and Nature Coach, Modern Day Priestess

Co-Author of 'Cultivating Joy' and 'Opening to Gratitude and Grace'

Kathy Forest is an energetic forcefield for the embodiment of the divine feminine. But that was not always the case as she shares in her deeply heart felt story of struggle and redemption in her journey back to Mother Earth. She deeply shares this journey as the most sacred partnership of women’s remembering and emergence back to the source of their power, purpose, and possibility.

Kathy speaks to the heart of each of us who are ready to re-connect with the indigenous ways of women, the ancestral practices that saw the movement of the seasons and the cycles of the moon as the inspiration for finding a profound relationship with our bodies, “The most powerful Shamanic tool on the planet.” As a modern-day High Priestess embracing the alchemy of the divine feminine Kathy is profoundly touching the lives of women who are feeling the call to join her in this transformational journey.


Juli Ashwani Lynch, Ph.D

Author of The Seven Aspects of Human Transformation through the Way of the Horse

"Kathy Forest’s chapter Becoming a Radical Revolutionary Was a heart opening to compassion for my long journey to find my contribution as a divine feminine conduit for Source.  I know from having worked with Kathy that her mission to share how women can fully access their power through their bodies is so needed.  Her journey and her teachings are essential to women’s empowerment and becoming the leaders that are needed now."


Judy Keating, M.A. co-author F.A.I.T.H. Finding answers in the Heart vol 2

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