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Grow A Thriving Healing Business!

Body Wisdom Energy Healing

An educational program for visionary healing professionals...

Dear Healing Visionary,


Have you often had that inner knowing that you came to this planet to do something extrordinary?  Do you know deep in your heart your purpose is to help others, but often wonder how?  Do you ever feel stuck because you know there is something you are here to do but you don't know what it is?  Or maybe you have an idea, but don't know how to initiate it?


If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then look no further!  25 years ago I was right where you are.  I spent many years searching and exploring spiritual traditions and healing modalities from all over the world on a quest to figure out my own answers to those questions.  The solutions I found were literally hiding in plain sight.


I am Kathy Forest, and I have been in the healing business for over 30 years.  I am a clinical therapist but found out early on, that what most people need to heal their lives is not going to be found in a classroom or textbook, and just talking about our difficulties doesn't change them.  Most all of us KNOW what we NEED to do...we have just not yet cultivated the energy to do it.  The solution is very simple, but figuring out how to utilize it can be the challenge...until now.


You see, the same forces that flow through nature flow through you.  Anyone can learn to harness this energy and intentionally apply it to help your clients ease physical pain, get to the root cause of discomfort in the body, make better life choices, and achieve more success in any area of their life.  Understanding these forces and how they operate in the human body can help you be of tremendous service in the world. When you learn to access Universal Life Force Energy,  you can help others discover their life purpose, strengthen their inner wisdom and guidance, and blossom as conscious creation leaders of their lives and businesses.

For the last 20 years I have been teaching others to harness and apply the Universal Life Force Energy in every area of life and business.  Miraculous change and profound healing become commonplace when you learn how to sync your body into the flow of life.


Now you too can learn this ancient technique that imbues healing into every aspect of our world!  Let me help you take the guesswork and uncertainty out of stepping powerfully into your full capacity as a life transformation specialist.

In this extensive program you will deepen your authentic healing abilities while building a thriving and financially successful career. 

Who Body Wisdom Energy Healing is for?

  • Anyone desiring to enhance their current career or start a new one

  • Coaches in all areas: life, health and wellness, money and business, relationships

  • Anyone wanting how to learn "hands-on" energetic body work

  • Nurses or other health-care professionals

  • Holistic practitioners

  • Massage Therapists

  • Spiritual teachers

  • Experts and Mentors

  • Trainers

  • Service professionals

  • Healers and helping professionals

  • Therapists

  • Yoga and Dance Teachers

  • Medical Specialists including MD’s and Nurses

  • Experienced healers who want to take their income and influence to the next level



In the Body Wisdom Energy Healing Program you will learn...

Body Wisdom Energy Healing is a place both for those who want to work as energy healers and life coaches, as well as for those who choose differently.  First and foremost the Body Wisdom Energy Healing program is for people who want to grow and take responsibility for themselves on all levels, as well as to deepen their capacity for contact and being present to life and love.  We explore and expand how we create and experience our lives, learning to use all experiences as material for our spiritual growth.  With these goals, our very way of living and being begin to have a healing impact on others:  we become healing human beings, whose healership can take many obvious and subtle forms of expression.  These primary values form a grounded and ethical premise to truly work with and be of service to other people.  Depending on the modules you choose to engage, Celestial Forest graduates will be considered qualified to practice what we have come to call integrative energy healing and/or life coaching.  Although all practitioners have their specialties and unique ways of working, we aim for Celestial Forest practitioners to have those primary values in common.


Through a combination of lectures and exercises, our energy healing training is intended to provide foundational understanding in five essential areas:



The Body Wisdom Energy Healing approach to psychodynamic process work is inspired by the teachings of the Core Energetic model for body-centered therapy offered by Barbara Brennen and the Light Body therapy of Jessie Ayani, as well as a synthesis of other paths for personal growth and healing.  We aim to increase our awareness of our belief systems, thoughts and emotions; to deepen our capacity for contact with others and ourselves; and to use our free will to improve our life experience.



We work with our spiritual essence, higher self, guidance, and spiritual purpose for physical life.  The aim is to expand and deepen our experience as spiritual beings in the human body, to embrace a path where ego transforms from service of self to service of Spirit; to live a life motivated toward contact rather than separation; to draw on negative and positive experiences as fuel for spiritual growth.  We rely heavily on and encourage Earth connection and Earth ceremony as part of holistic integrated path to the Sacred, as we believe this can heal us on all levels. We absolutely welcome and encourage all religious and spiritual traditions as sacred paths to the same destination.


Energy Work

In the study of energy, we include the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being in a multi-dimensional model of health.  We work with the auric field, chakras, energy systems, the level of intentionality and the dimension of our spiritual essence, and perhaps most important, with the essential healing power of an open heart.


Therapeutic Healing Work

In the actual hands-on work, we integrate a variety of methods, skills and techniques based on the teachings of well-known healers as well as our own collective healing experiences.  As our teachings develop and change, so do our techniques.



One of the many things that is different about this series of courses is that we aim to prepare our students for the healing business world.  If it is your intent to do this as a profession, you simply must begin preparations now for your new job in the future.  Our goal is to assist our students to be as prepared in this area as they are in the healing arena.


In the course of their training, Body Wisdom Energy Healing students are exposed to self-awareness work and psychodynamics, first and foremost for the sake of their personal development, and then as a resource for working with other people.  Energy and consciousness work help us to explore disease as a manifestation of psychospiritual disharmony, as well as how to make possible new health-enhancing ways of energy flow.  Repeated energy work helps regulate disharmonious constellations in the auric field; consciousness work helps integrate new understanding into everyday life.


Course work

Because we believe that a healer can only take their client as far as they are willing to go themselves,Body Wisdom Energy Healing offers a far more in-depth look at concepts of healing, modalities of healing, and integration of all healing techniques as they relate to opening and living from the heart space.  Here is a brief overview of some of what you can expect from both the psychodynamic portion and the applied skills for the Energy Healing Modules:


Psychodynamics                                                                                                Applied Skills

Safety: building a strong foundation                                                       High Sense Perception Training

Grounding: learning to receive life force                                                Chakra Anatomy & Regulation

Opening and Healing of the Heart                                                          Physical and Energetic Anatomy

Character structure overview                                                                    Basic Healing Protocol

Healing developmental gaps in early childhood                                    Energizing, repairing & balancing aura

Life skills: creating personal resources & boundaries                             Releasing emotional compaction in aura

Exploring Wound Defenses, belief systems                                            Spinal Realignment & integration

Self Awareness                                                                                            Vibrational Healing

                                                                                                                     Opening to & receiving guidance



Let's take a look at Modules 1~7!

Module 1:

Week 1:  Fundamentals of the Human Energy Field, Developing Your Perception Skills, Protecting Yourself

Week 2:  More Perception Skills, and Beginning Therapeutic Touch

Week 3:  Tools to Deepen Your Developement, Continued Therapeutic Touch, Client Ethics, Confidentiality

Week 4:  Care and Maintenance of Your Own Field, Energy Body Anatomy 1. More Therapeutic Touch

Week 5:  Energy Body Anatomy 2:  The Chakras-Part 1

Week 6:  Energy Body Anatomy 3:  The Chakras-Part 2 - Therapeutic Touch - Summary

Module 2:

Week 1:  Module 1 Review and Learning to Use a Pendulum to Diagnose Energetic Dysfunction

Week 2:  Reading Chakras with a Penudlum, Healing on the Etheric and Astral Level, Chelation Hand Positions

Week 3:  The Dance of Healing: Chelation Therapy, Clearing  Energetic Clouds and Mucus

Week 4:  Chelation Therapy Practice

Week 5:  Chelation Therapy Practice

Week 6:  Brain Balancing,  Summary

Module 3

  • Module 1 & 2 Review and Learning to Use a Pendulum to Diagnose Energetic Dysfunction

  •  Reading Chakras with a Penudlum, Healing on the Etheric and Astral Level, Chelation Hand Positions

  •  The Dance of Healing: Chelation Therapy, Clearing  Energetic Clouds and Mucus

  •  Chelation Therapy Practice

  •  New Technique:  Brain Balancing

  •  New Technique: Spine Cleaning

Module 4

  •  First Level Restructuring

  •  Organ Balancing

  •  Astral Healing Part 1:  Removing Astral Thought Forms

  •  Astral Healing Part II:  Removing Energetic Entities

  •  Chakra Restructuring

  • Head to Heart Connecting

Module 5

  •  Launch Your Healing Business

  •  Give your business the foundation it needs by laying down systems and structures

  •  Discover your right and perfect clients and learn how to attract them

  •  Design a business that is unique to you so you can become the "go-to" expert in your market

  •  Learn how to set goals for your business and achieve them everytime

  • Lay down a step-by-step plan to get your business rolling in 2019! 

  • Click Here To Learn More about Module 5        


Module 6

  • Learn about all kinds and types of Energetic Cording

  •  Understand which cords are to be left in tact and which ones to remove

  •  Learn how to clean permanent cords and how to remove unwanted or unnecessary ones

  • Review Astral Healing and Chakra and Organ replacement

Module 7

  •  Working on Sprained Ankles and other tendon injuries

  •  Learn full-body chelation therapy technique

  • Learn the Fifth Level Manifestation Technique

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Healing Astral Events (Past Life Projections)

  • Entering and Healing in the Black Velvet Void

  • Completion and Graduation!





How the Program Works

  • On-line classes are still available NOW!.  

  • A detailed outline of each Module will be provided and advertised well in advance.

  • Upon Completion of all Energy Work Modules Students will be eligible to be certified as a Body Wisdom Energy Healer and/or Coach, depending upon Modules completed.


  • Modules can be used as Continuing Education Credits or to enhance Reiki, Massage and Healing skills and there is no requirement to complete all Modules unless Certification is desired.


  • Students will have the option to attend the IN PERSON CLASSES and access to Classroom Page, access to do the on-line classes, recordings of the on-line classes, and a downloadable workbook for each Module.  

Module 2

What people are saying...

Shelley Fritz

Kansas City, Missouri

Kathy Forest is at the forefront of conscious evolution. She is a masterful teacher and leader in bringing the healing arts to the world. She synthesizes ancient spiritual technologies with modern day realities and the results are unique offerings and opportunities for powerful transformation and personal growth. It is because of the work I have done with Kathy that I am empowered to live my purpose and life with joy and profound wisdom, which is valuable beyond measure. I have participated in nearly every offering Kathy has had the past six years and I consider myself very blessed to participate and grow into my healership and the life of my dreams.


Shelley Fritz, Holistic Healer, Reiki Master

Anna Clary

Lawrence, Kansas

Amazing teacher, healer, and life coach. She follows her heart and offers guidance from a place of unattachment and Love. I have been working with her for over 4 years and my life is all the better and I wouldn't have been following my heart so strongly now without her guidance and help. Blessings to you all, human tribe! It's all in Divine order.

Debbie Reed


I was AMAZED at how keeping things bottled up inside of me could do so much damage to my body. It is an eye opener for me. I suffer from Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia/Anesthesia Dolorosa. I've had it for 15 yrs now and after only 3 session with Kathy I'm on less medication and narcotics then I have in over a decade.

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