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Come home to your

Extraordinary Soul

Have you ever wished that you knew with crystal clarity exactly what you were supposed to be doing here, and exactly how you were supposed to be doing it?


Have you ever had that feeling that something was off, and if you could just put your finger on it and make that adjustment, life would flow in your direction?


Do you ever feel like life shouldn’t be this complicated…it wasn’t supposed to be this hard?


In earlier times, when a child was very young, they would be taken to the Wise Woman of the tribe to discern what the child’s special gifts were and how those gifts could be honored and supported as the child grew to adulthood. Care was taken to allow what the child’s soul was here to express to be fully activated and nurtured.  As the seedling soul was nurtured it grew in to a strong sturdy human that could naturally do what they came here to do in an EXTRAORDINARY way, while living in balance with the world around them.  


What if…..


  • What if you could know with crystal clarity exactly what you were supposed to be doing here?


  • What if you could rise above your situation to see what adjustments need to be made so your life can flow?


  • What if life could be simple and EXTRAORINDARY all at the same time?


The truth is THIS IS YOUR BIRTHRITE and it is possible.


An Extraordinary Soul Akashic Record Reading can help you begin this journey.


This reading can help you discover...


  • The Blueprint of who you are and what are about at SOUL level – your origination point, through an Extraordinary Soul Akashic Record Reading.


  • How you can chose to configure your life through the lense of your Soul.

  • Clear any blockages that are holding you back in specific areas right NOW with a 21-day clearing protocol.


  • New ways of increasing your income and abundance by aligning your choices with new insights.

  • How to Activate your Extraordinary Soul's Purpose through the Alchemical Ceremony Process.

Misty Woodland

This process is for you if...


  • You  deeply long for  clariety and meaning in your life.

  • You are craving a deeper spiritual connection to your soul purpose

  • You find yourself wondering how you can be of service

  • You long to access the rich depth of your inner wisdom

  • You want to learn how to move forward in certain areas of your life that have appeared blocked

  • You desire to discover and awaken your inner gifts

  • You want to learn practical tools for spiritual growth

What you will receive:

  • An Extraordinary Soul Akashic Record Reading by Kathy Forest.

  • A recording of Extraordinary Soul Akashic Record Reading that you can listen to again and again.

  • A 21- day protocol of activations to help you remove blockages at the soul level that have held you back in any area of your life.


Are you ready to step into the next powerful version of yourself?


If you are unsure if this is the path for you or have any questions, please feel free to contact Kath at 785-633-2424.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Once you have made your payment, please send your Name now and Name at birth, birthdate, and birthplace to me at!

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