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Imagine living in a world of infinite


New Earth Vision Summits...
Share Your Wisdom ~ Grow Your List ~ Up-Level Your Income!



  • Finally feeling at ease as an entrepreneur.

  • Knowing you are reaching high quality clients that LOVE you,

  • Feeling like you truly can relax doing the work you love,

  • Never worrying about money again,

Chances are if you are reading this right now, you are ready to make more money doing what you love.

You may fall into one of these three categories....

You are not clear on your Purpose, but you know you came here to do something  MORE!

You are very clear on your Life Purpose may even be living it, but it feels really difficult to create a sustainable income with it.



You have started your business but are dissatisfied the income and workload.

First of all, please remember,

The Planet Needs You Right Now!
She needs what you have to offer!  I know you can feel it!  The Call for you to Earth Your Vision is stronger than ever!

 Young Woman Contemplating

Maybe you are in a job you hate.  You know you were meant to do something else...anything else...but how to do that is totally eluding you;

Maybe you have dreamed of owning your own business, but don't know where to start;

Maybe you have tried to do things on your own, even advertising on Facebook and other social media, but you didn't have much success and you are wondering how in the world do people ever make money doing this;

Maybe you own your own business and have even worked with a coach, but the results were not what you were expecting and you quit, feeling like you spent way too much for way too little.

And all of this has you convinced that "having it all" is for someone else, not for you.

I promise you this is so very far from the truth!

No matter what category you are in,

No matter how hopeless you feel,

Even if you don't fit in any of the categories but just want to improve your income capacity,​

I promise you there IS a solution.  Connecting to your Vision and offering it to the world, while creating credibility, building a lucrative list, and making a great income while you do it,  is possible.  I do it all the time!

But this wasn't always the case!


I am Kathy Forest, and I have been empowering women to Earth their Vision through their bodies for over 30 years.  But for most of those years, money and business were constant worries.  I lived month to month and never really knew if this was the month I was going to have to "go get a real job."  I went through all the self-worth struggles:  "Is it me?  What's wrong with me? I'm not cut out for this.  Maybe this isn't mine to do"...and on and on and on it went. Until I discovered this fundamental secret:

People didn't know about me.  People weren't seeing me or my message.  No matter how many social media posts I was making, it wasn't enough to get my message to the masses.  Truly a very healthy email list of high- quality followers was what I needed, and it appeared that there was no quick solution.

On-line summits helped me grow my list, fill my classes, and present myself as an expert in the field in a way that was easy, fun, and lucrative!  After just one Summit I made over $5,000 and grew my list from 800 to almost 4,000.  And the growth just kept happening!  I now maintain a list of over 8,000 followers and never have to worry about filling a class.  AND NOW YOU CAN TOO!  I'LL SHOW YOU HOW...

Me best hawaii.jpeg
Sign me up!

Here's the absolute TRUTH...

  • You were meant to live your vision and share it with the world!​

  • You absolutely can build a list of high-quality followers that love your offerings and are eager to learn from you!

  • You don't have to wait for that growth to happen over a long period of time.

  • This process is easy and fun!

Early Bird Savings


  • Getting up everyday and looking forward to your day!

  • Doing what you love, what you were meant to do, what you could do with your eyes closed and ACTUALLY getting paid to do it!

  • Setting your own hours and your own pay-scale.

  • Working all day and not feeling tired, not even noticing time passing because you are "in the zone."

  • Not having to leave your house to work unless you want to.

  • Feeling good in your body.

  • Taking vacations you truly enjoy, when you want.

  • Having all the money you could ever need or want.

  • Enjoying your life.

Are you ready to step into the life you were meant to live?

It is possible to make back everything you spend to take this course AND grow your list by 1,000 to 5,000 or more in one summit.  And I will walk you through the whole summit process.  By the end of your time in this class, you could be launching your first summit and living a different life!

Enjoying Nature

Here's How it Works...

This 6-month program is taught in 13 bi-weekly LIVE (on Zoom) modules by Kathy Forest. 


You will learn how to reach out to high-quality speakers to interview them on a topic that delights you, create a global community of ideal clients, and make significant income both initially and for years to come.

Here's what you get...

What you will receive:

  • 13 Modules of step-by-step content, that walk you through the whole process from start to finish delivered by Kathy Forest, beginning, November 2, 2023, 11:00 am Central time.  Bi-weekly classes will be held at 11:00 am Central time Thursdays.

  • All on-line sessions are recorded for easy participation later. It is not required that you attend any of the live training times; however, you do want to stay fairly close to where the group is in the program, especially if you want to be launching your first summit by the end of class.  All of these classes and materials are yours to keep forever, so you can do this again and again.

  • All handouts, scripts, and templates necessary to launch your own professional summit that you can modify and make your own.

  • Access to resources to source all the technical pieces or do them yourself, complete with hands-on, how-to, step-by-step instructions.

  • Access to names of seasoned speakers that you can contact to join your summit.

  • 6 months of hand-holding, teaching and guidance by Kathy to allow you to successfully complete your summit.  

  • Community Connections ~ You'll be sent a personal invitation to the New Earth Vision Summit Private Facebook Page, where you can connect with your classmates and get constant support


  • Financial Sovereignty - an 8-module Money Course that helps you move your money blocks and build your income the Feminine Way.​​

Here's  what you will learn...

Module 1

  • Unearth your Vision for your work and your Summit.  Look deeply at and clear limiting beliefs.  Learn why Summits are one of the most feminine ways to build a business, and how to moove out of competition and into cooperation and co-creation.

Module 2

  • Helping People Find you:  Your Website​

  • Discover your ideal clients and where to find them.

  • Brainstorm about who you would like to interview.

Module 3

  • How to Create the Title and Subtitle for your Summit

  • How to Create Your Summit Description

  • Calling in Your Tribe

Module 4-5

  • How to Find the Perfect Speakers

  • How to Invite Speakers

  • Getting what you need from your speakers

  • Important Keys to Financial Success of your Summit

Module 6

  • How to Create powerful and dynamic interviews

  • Helping Your Speakers feel comfortable

  • Assisting Your Speakers to be successful

  • How to Create a powerful learning environment        

Module 7

  • How to Brand Your Summit

  • Building Your Event Website

  • Creating your own banner

Module 8

  • How to Create Your Promotional Materials Page

  • Technology to support you

  • How to put it all together


Module 9

  • How to Create Additional Needed Pages for Your Summit Website

  • Forms and templates

Module 10

  • How to Create a YouTube Channel

  • How to store your valuable interviews

  • Questions and Answers

Module 11

  • Monetizing your summit through a Lifetime Access Page

  • Connecting with YouTube and detailed instructions

  • More on Storage of your Interviews

Module 12

  • Creating your Presentation

  • Creating a follow-up offer for all of your attendees    

Module 13

  • Launching Your Summit

  • Right Closure

  • What comes next?

And Bonuses...

Stalking Your Sacred Work Zero in on your Mission and Vision, first for your life, then for your business!

Financial Sovereignty ~ End your money worries now.  Improve your relationship with money and learn to drawn in more the Feminine Way.

What is it worth to you...

to make a great income doing what you love...what comes natural to you...what doesn't feel like work at all.  When you realize that just 1 summit can net up to $5,000 or more, and gain you a list of up to 2,000 to 5,000 high level potential customers, then you can see that only 1 Summit could more than pay for the price of this program.


  • 13 LIVE in-person (on Zoom) Group Calls

  • Handouts, templates, worksheets, protocols and more to help you complete your summit in a professional way

  • Access to the Private Facebook Community

  • Support to do your Summit from Start to Finish

  • Stalking Your Sacred Work to get clear on your mission.

  • Financial Sovereignty to rekindle your love relationship with MONEY!

New Earth Vision Summits

Invest in a life you love today!

Pay-In-Full $4,444

7 Payments of $777

To set up an appointment to chat with me Click Here




In 2002, I left the corporate world to live my take what I had learned and was learning about the natural world and use it help others.  I had had much success running a non-profit and doing free-lance contractual work.  I had no worries I would be a success in anything I chose to do.


I became a healer, a ceremony leader, and a retreat mentor and coach.  I was successful doing all those things.  Just ask anyone...folks LOVE my work.  But where I failed miserable was supporting myself doing it. 

And I am embarrassed to say I spent 20 years struggling, along with thousands of dollars on coaching, but never saw results.  I was always worried about money! I woke up every morning with that dull dread in the pit of my stomach...worry.  I never really knew what to do to really grow my business.

Kathy drumming at fire.jpg
Kathy GGWW.jpg

I can happily say those days are over.  I now know exactly WHAT to do, and have all the HOW To’s at my fingertips.  By combining all I had learned:

  • I restructured my business and grew my list using the Summit Strategy;

  • I got brave and became VISIBLE!

  • I combined that with smart MONEY Practices and solid marketing strategies, and

I continue to grow my income and my business year after year.   This system continues to replicate and grow itself.  I know it will work for you too!!!


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