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  • Are you ready for a fresh start…in your body, your business and your life?

  • Have you been moving along, doing okay, but feel out of sync…like you have lost your momentum?

  • Is your body tired?  Has it been giving you signals with little nagging symptoms that it’s time to stop ignoring? 


Most all of us know what we NEED to be doing…however, we may have run out of the energy to do it on our own.  We may feel stuck in a rut and find it difficult to get motivated… or we may try to attack the problem head-on without getting to the root…the core…of our difficulty. The information and tools that we all need is housed INSIDE our body!  All the wisdom, all the energy, all the knowledge is all within, but many of us continue to look outside of ourselves for assistance.  

  • What if I told you there was a way you could gain access to that information?

  • What if you could summon the energy and motivation to live your life purpose?

  • What if you were guided step-by-step to remove the blocks that have been in your way?

  • What if there was someone who could answer the questions that have plagued you about how to access your body wisdom to manifest your life work?

Body Wisdom Boot Camp is a 21-day virtual workshop designed to help you…

  • Re-align your female body with the rhythms of the planet;

  • Refresh and re-vitalize your body all the way down to the cellular level;

  • Renew your outlook and your perspective;

  • Recharge your energy levels; and

  • Restore your connection to your Sacred Self.

What you will receive:

  • Seven virtual recorded classes, taught by Kathy Forest, MS CHt, designed to be done over a 21-day period, that will take you step-by-step through the process of clearing and cleansing your body to re-align with the core of your being…your womb-space;

  • A nutrition class with Crystal Lira, Nutritional Health Coach, to assist you on ways to supplement your diet to increase your energy levels and overall health;

  • 21 days of guided processing to allow you to go deeply into the core of your being and clear out all the cobwebs, sent to your email box daily;  

  • A free coaching session with Kathy to assist you as you move through the process;

  • Handouts, charts and checklists to make your process simple and easy.

Are you ready to create the environment to succeed?


Are you ready to re-commit to your new year's resolutions and give yourself the support you need to achieve them?


This class begins January 12, 2024!

Body Wisdom Boot Camp is part of the Feminine Mysteries series. 

You can join us for Boot Camp for only $222 or 4 payments of $77 each! 

Do Boot Camp and Sacred Rhythms for only $247

(Or 5 payments of $55 - click on the monthly option.)

Join Priestess or High Priestess and get them both free!

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