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Discover Your Soul Signature!

12 Module Immersion Training

Discover your Soul Signature

Align With Your Soul Signature Team, 

Gain Clarity on Your Life Purpose 
and Grow Your Prosperity and Success

In-Person & Virtual Class Options  

Dear Visionary Professional,

The most powerful thing you can do to empower your life and business is make sure you are aligned with your purpose...the reason your soul incarnated in your body at this particular time.  So many individuals struggle with difficulties around


  • bringing in the amount of money they would like to bring in,

  • feeling excited and joyful about their work, or

  • just feeling bored with what they are currently doing. 


Knowing what your soul came here to do, and aligning with that purpose, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating a thriving business, having a happy and healthy homelife, or just feeling happy and fulfilled.  And the truth is, this information is readily available to you!  You Just have to know where to look!

Anytime you create something, from prosperity to business success, the more you are in alignment with your own unique soul signature, the better your results!

understanding at a very basic level helps people create from their soul's purpose and grow their personal goals, dreams, and prosperity much more effectively.  This profound yet basic level of understanding will reveal the elemental archetypal energies of your inner soul signature manifestation team. These archetypal energies dramatically influence your life-purpose, impact your prosperity, influence how you get along with others in your life, and determine how you uniquely manifest results.

As I’ve continued to explore my own manifestation abilities (and assisted many others on this topic) I see more and more how getting these energies working together as a team is vital to success.

When I work with people they love learning this, finding out more about who they are, and how they individually create. Each person has their own blend of elemental archetypes they work with and based on that — people manifest differently. If you have a more grounded earthy soul signature you are going to have a life-purpose focus quite different from someone with a fiery/airy mix.

Most people only understand the basics of their sun sign which is only the fuel you burn toward your dreams. There are 7 more essential components for you to connect with, especially your inner Venus, the Sacred Feminine (Yes, this goes for men too!). Each archetype impacts how you manifest anything in your life and business!

As you can imagine there are loads of combinations and therefore unique ways to create. Creating from your soul is customized according to the energies you carry.

This program provides you with a potent step-by-step system for understanding your unique soul signature team to help you develop more prosperity, purpose, and manifestation power!

  • Needing to make some decisions and want all of your energy unified before you do?  


  • Wondering how to get all parts of you lined up for success?


  • Wanting to know how to activate your unique soul signature manifestation team?

  • Wishing you understood your relationship to prosperity?

  • Wanting to know how to work with your weak manifestation aspects and need a boost for your manifestation power?

If you said yes to any of these, or feel a strong resonance with finding out more about your Unique Soul Signature Team,
then join me for this potent 12-module training, your Bonus Q & A 
and Two Powerful Bonus Activations!

Join me to Discover Your Soul Signature Team and Uncover..​​

  • A secret life-planning map that is encoded in both the stars and your DNA that can help you know how to play your future

  • 8 vital archetypes that are on your Soul Signature Team so you can increase your Manifestation power

  • How to enliven your most important team player

  • Each elemental player’s skills, value, and contribution to the overall success of your manifestation team

  • Ways the elements each view prosperity and passion differently and find out what that means for your ability to thrive

  • How to get your manifestation team working together to increase your prosperity, passion, power, and capacity to generate results






If you are ready to dive deeply into doing the Sacred Work you came here to do and finally having the tools to do it, you can begin now!

Sign up for only:

          $397                 or           4 payments of $ 107

Navigating in Woods

This approach to visioning my future and working to create it, revolutionized the way I approach my life purpose, and manage my world.  I began to see that all the different elemental archetypal energies that make up who I am form a  unique soul signature team from which I manifest my life, my business, and my prosperity. Everyone has their own unique soul  signature manifestation team that can be understood based on the components that make up their elemental astrological profile.  I now know there is so much about your life you can learn from using the elemental forces of nature in this way.  Simply

creation goddess 4.jpg

Are you…

  • Secretly searching for the missing link to

         your life-purpose?

  • Feeling stuck over and over getting the 

         same results and need to uncover how to

         move forward?

  • Craving to increase your manifestation power?


Here's what you will learn...

Module 1:  How to Consciously Utilize Your Manifestation Signature Team, to Increase Your Inner Authority, Creation Power, and Prosperity and How to Map your life with the Planet

Module 2: Discover How the Earth and Water Elemental Archetypes Work Within Your Manifestation Signature Team

Module 3:  How to Utilize the Air and Fire Elemental

Module 4 & 5:  Discover Step-by-Step All the Players

Module 6:  Tools and Strategies to Integrate Your Unique Manifestation Signature Team

Module 7: Planetary Complex Alchemy Overview

Module 8:  The Alchemical Influence of Saturn

Module 9: The Alchemical Manifestation Influence of Jupiter

Module 10: The Alchemical Manifestation Influence of Pluto

Module 11:  The Alchemical Manifestation Influence of Neptune

Module 12:  The Alchemical Manifestation Influence of Uranus




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