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An Upgrade to working in the Electromagnetic Field...

If you are a healer, like I am, or you have received Reiki

or Energy Work from a healer, more than likely you are

familiar with what we call the Electromagnetic Field...

the field of energy that surrounds the body.  This has 

traditionally been the way we help ourselves and others

heal:  by making changes and upgrades in this field.

This then translates to physical healing as the changes

begin to vibrate out to the physical realm.  For centuries

healers have been honing their skills in this field to help

their clients move forward on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and yes, even and especially

the physical.  

However, as the population on the planet has grown and is literally outgrowing it's home, and as

we have become more and more separated from our "Mother" the Earth, Earth's Electromagnetic field has become quite wonky and as a consequence, so has ours.  It has become more and more difficult to effect lasting change working in the electromagnetic field alone.

According to Gia Combs-Ramirez, founder of the Crystalline Consciousness Technique, in 2012, the Earth shifted from utilizing the electromagnetic field and moved out to what we term The Crystalline Grid.

Sometimes referred to as "Indra's Net," the Crystalline

Grid surrounds the electromagnetic field and vibrates at

a much higher and faster rate than the electromagnetic

field.  It is a whole new system that functions quicker 

and is more efficient, because it works with intention

and Sacred Geometry based on the  golden ratio. Using

the different protocols of this system, gives you much

more control and quicker results than working in the

old system alone.  It is so efficient that it can also be 

used right along side other systems and support them

in amazing ways!

CCT can access the highest potential of the Crystalline Energy System to ensure that healing 

transformation stay at the new levels, without the constant dance of dipping back in to the old

behaviors that got your energy system out of balance in the first place.

This system is great for those that are empathic, as well as sensitive healers.  If you are a creative, you move beyond mental and emotional blocks and express at new levels of potential. 

If you are searching for new levels of consciousness in personal and spiritual growth, you will discover a whole new system that accelerates reaching your highest potential. You can grow to new levels in a fraction of the time of other personal growth systems.

Glistening Spider Webs

CCT can enhance all healing modalities and give you the boost you need to continue on your healing path!  Here's what others are saying:

Liz Black.jpg

"I have experienced many sessions of CCT and after each one I felt the vortex that was created held and delivered powerful insights within the week after receiving the session.  Manifestation times were shortened and my body, mind and spirit were in alignment with my truth."  ~Liz Black, Esthetician, Pur Aesthetics, LLC.

"Hands down, one of the top energy healing experiences I've had!  Connects you to your higher self and divine light energy within the quantum field in a way never felt before.  Leaves you feeling full of love and light." ~Chelsi Reed, Energy Healer, Massage Therapist, MassRelaxation





Now you can learn how to do this amazing technique for yourself!

I will be offering 

CCT Personal Transformation Levels 1 and 2

  December 15-16, 2023

Friday 1:30 pm and Saturday, 9 am-11 am CENTRAL TIME

CCT Professional Levels 1 and 2


December 22-23 & January 5-6, 2024

You must have taken Personal Levels 1 & 2 to take this class!

Friday 1:30 pm & Saturday 9 am-11:30 am CENTRAL TIME




CCT Animal Levels 1 and 2


You must have taken Personal & Professional Levels 1 & 2 to take this class!

Fridays 1:30 pm -3 pm and Saturday 9 am-11 am Central Time




CCT Family Levels 1 and 2

ONLINE November 17-18, 2023

You must have taken Personal & Professional Levels 1 & 2 to take this class!

Fridays 1:30 pm -3 pm and Saturday 9 am-11 am Central Time







CCT Arising to Crystalline Consciousness Level 3 (Charts!)

ONLINE  6 week Course TBA

You must have taken Personal Levels & Professional Levels to take this class!

CCT Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

Advanced Level 3 (Charts!)

ONLINE  10 week Course TBA

You must have taken Personal Levels & Professional Levels & Charts Level 1 to take this class!

  Crystalline Consciousness 
tm (CCT)

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