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Welcome to Body Wisdom Boot Camp!

Here are some things you may want to do to get ready for our time together:

Grocery list:

8-10 lemons

lots of fruit, veggies and greens

water, water, water

Bach Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence

Frankincense essential oil


This is a totally new recorded class for 2024!  All handouts and class recordings are found below!


Body Wisdom Boot Camp Schedule



Recording 1

Introduction Handout

Boot-Camp Chapter 1

Day 1 Sacred Question:  What is the one thing, that if you moved it, would change everything?

Day 2 Sacred Question:  Visit the Base Lotus.  What are you holding in your body?

Day 3 Sacred Question:  Visit the Base Lotus.  What are you holding in your emotions?



Chakra Handout

Womb Health Assessment

Health Coach Recording

Health Coach Slides


Boot-Camp Chapter 2

One Spirit Medicine Diet

Day 4

Day 4 Sacred Question:  What is stopping you from changing that one thing that would change everything? What is blocking you? What is in your way?

Day 5 Sacred Question:  Visit the Base Lotus.  What are you holding in your mind?

Day 6 Sacred Question:  Visit the Base Lotus.  What are you habits are you holding on to that no longer serve you and may be keeping you from making important choices around "that one thing?"




Boot-Camp Chapter 3

Perelandra Flower Essences

Day 7 Sacred Question: Do you have any difficulty standing in your own power and wisdom (verses someone else’s)?  Do you have trouble asserting yourself?  Do you ever feel uncertain or unsure of yourself?  When?  Recall a few occasions.

Day 8 Sacred Question.  What are the false belief systems holding this difficulty in place?

Day 9 Sacred Question.  What emotions are continually generated by this false belief?

Day 10 Sacred Question. Where did these false beliefs come from?  What events in your history (there may be several) caused you to formulate these beliefs?  What significant people in your life are they related to?




Refer to Chapter 3 for more healing tools

Day 11 Sacred Question.  Do you have any difficulty feeling unconditional love? Do you feel like you are able to love unconditionally? Recall incidents in relationships where out of fear of vulnerability you pushed others away.

Day 12 Sacred Question.  Recall any times when you have felt controlled or manipulated.  What feelings show up?  How can you release them?

Day 13 Sacred Question.  Recall any times when you have been controlling or manipulative. What feelings come up?

Day 14 Sacred Question. Recall all the times you felt powerful and confident...times when you were in the "sweet spot" and stood in your power.  What feelings come up?

Day 15                                                                  Class 5



Boot Camp Chapter 5 


Day 15 Sacred Question.  Where are you not standing in your power or speaking your truth?  Recall incidents where you wanted to speak up but didn’t.  What did you really want to say and/or do?  Why didn’t you? 

Day 16 Sacred Question.  Think of specific examples of people to whom you would like to communicate your true feelings.  Feel how good it would feel to finally speak your truth.  What is stopping you?

​Day 17 Sacred Question.  Recall times when you DID speak your truth and stood in your power.  What would it take for you to stay in that power all the time?




Boot Camp Chapter 6

Day 18 Sacred Question. Do you have resistance to taking time for yourself? When the suggestion is made, what is your first thought and feeling? 

Day 19 Sacred Question. Do you feel like you are in touch with true guidance?  Do you feel if you have a question that is important, you can get an answer and make a sound decision?

Day 20 Sacred Question.  Do you know what you came to the planet to do?




Medicine Wheel Template

Day 21 Sacred Question.  What is your next step?

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