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Enchanted Year 2024

Welcome to

The Enchanted Year 2024


Here is where you will find all the handouts and recordings for all the sessions so you can go over them again and again!  You will find they come in very handy as you move through the year.  Links for each online meeting are listed below.  They will also be mailed to you before class!

Hello Beloveds!

I am so excited to do this with you at this very sacred time on our planet!  It truly is DO-OVER time.  Here is the link we will be using for all of our classes.  They will all

be recorded and listed below.  You will also receive emails with the recordings.

I have included a guided meditation to put yourself into the quantum field.  It is a way 

to prepare for our time together.  Enjoy!

In order to prepare for this class I suggest you watch the following if you have not already:

This is the introduction to the most recent Summit:  Enchanted.  It is where I first introduced this concept of connecting with your soul.  Skip the summit stuff at the beginning and watch it first:

This is the Next Temple Time where we went deeper.  Watch it second:

This is the Solstice Celebration:  We went further:


Enchanted Year 2024

ONLINE December 28 -29, & 31, 2023 - Beginning at 1:30 pm Central Time Daily

Here's our daily link:

Your Enchanted Year Planner - Click to Print!

The Black and White Version


Please note:  THIS PLANNER IS 70 PAGES LONG!  You do not need to print all of it.  You can print pages 1-17 for Thursday and 18-30 for Friday.

Or you don't have to print any of it and can follow along with your own paper and planner if you would rather.  

This is designed to be a planner for the whole year, if you need one.  So look it over and see if there are things there you want.



  • We will meet with our souls to get very practical with our planning.  

  • We will be using pages 18-30 on this day.  These pages would probably be the necessary ones to print!

  • We will take Saturday to hammer out those plans on our own if needed.






































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