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Radical Feminine Leadership


Awaken More Truth, Creation, Wisdom, Abundance, Direction, Compassion in Your Life and Business


By developing a deeper connection to the Sacred Feminine by expanding your connection to… 


Module 1

Mary Magdalene, will Strengthen your Inner Truth

  • Uncover the potency of sacred union in creation.

  • Awaken to the deeper truth of your Divine Feminine power.

  • Release a new level of feminine radiance.

Module 2

Hathor, an Egyptian Goddess will Expand your Capacity with Creation

  • Open to her creative mysteries and gifts.

  • Dance in a new level of creation magic.

  • Nourish your vital relationship to the universal rhythms and

       cycles of nature.

Module 3

Sophia, the Goddess Provides the Source of Wisdom

  • Enliven your inner pathway to Divine Feminine wisdom.

  • Develop the soul quality of luminous feminine leadership.

  • Enrich your sacred connection to ritual.

Module 4

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess Bringing you a richer connection to Abundance

  • Open to a greater flow of abundance within and without.

  • Receive the opulent blessings of Divine bounty.

  • Circulate the generous potent consciousness of plenty.

Module 5

Hecate, the Goddess of Crossroads Strengthen your inner Direction

  • Recognize the blessing of the power of choice.

  • Connect to the clarity of decision to direct the forces of creation.

  • Embrace the unknown as you activate the quality of grace and trust.

Module 6

Tara, the Tibetan Goddess Nourishes your Compassion

  • Guide your heart-centered leadership from the nurturing sea of compassion.

  • Call upon infinite inter-connectedness to source your ultimate freedom.

  • Uplift your life, business, relationships, leadership and manifestation ability.

There has never been a time in history when Radical Feminine Leadership was more necessary!


If You Are Ready to Expand Your Radical Divine Feminine Leadership Powers...


Strengthen your relationship with the Divine Feminine,

Open to access more of your inner gifts,

Connect to a deeper sense of your true purpose, and

Take your sacred life and business leadership skills to a whole new level.

Join Me, Wednesdays at 1 pm Central Time

Beginning August 25, 2021


     Only $122

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