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Radical Feminine Leadership


Welcome!  Get Ready to...

Awaken More Truth, Creation, Wisdom, Abundance, Direction, Compassion in Your Life and Business


By developing a deeper connection to the Sacred Feminine 

Join Me, Wednesdays at 11 am Central Time

Beginning June 17, 2020

 Module 1

 Mary Magdalene, will Strengthen your Inner Truth

  • Uncover the potency of sacred union in creation.

  • Awaken to the deeper truth of your Divine Feminine power.

  • Release a new level of feminine radiance.


Module 1 Recording

Module 1 Audio

Module 1 Slides


Module 2

Hathor, an Egyptian Goddess will Expand your Capacity with Creation

  • Open to her creative mysteries and gifts.

  • Dance in a new level of creation magic.

  • Nourish your vital relationship to the universal rhythms and

       cycles of nature.

Module 2 Recording

Module 2 Audio

Module 2 Slides

Module 3

Sophia, the Goddess Provides the Source of Wisdom

  • Enliven your inner pathway to Divine Feminine wisdom.

  • Develop the soul quality of luminous feminine leadership.

  • Enrich your sacred connection to ritual.

Module 3 Recording

Module 3 Audio

Module 3 Slides

Module 4

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess Bringing you a richer connection to Abundance

  • Open to a greater flow of abundance within and without.

  • Receive the opulent blessings of Divine bounty.

  • Circulate the generous potent consciousness of plenty.

Module 4 Recording

Module 4 Audio

Module 4 Slides

Module 5

Hecate, the Goddess of Crossroads Strengthen your inner Direction

  • Recognize the blessing of the power of choice.

  • Connect to the clarity of decision to direct the forces of creation.

  • Embrace the unknown as you activate the quality of grace and trust.

Module 5 Recording

Module 5 Audio

Module 5 Slides

Module 6

Tara, the Tibetan Goddess Nourishes your Compassion

  • Guide your heart-centered leadership from the nurturing sea of compassion.

  • Call upon infinite inter-connectedness to source your ultimate freedom.

  • Uplift your life, business, relationships, leadership and manifestation ability.

Module 6 Recording

Module 6 Audio

Module 6 Slides


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