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It's time to experience...

Reiki 1

Reiki 1

If you want to heal yourself and others...
Reiki may be able to make that dream a Reality.

Welcome to the Reiki I Classroom!  Here you will find all that you need to assist you as you explore this amazing healing modality!  

New Earth Reiki by Gia Combs~Ramirez

This book explains Reiki and Crystalline Consciousness Technique and how they work together.  It is a must have!  It is printable but long.  We will refer to pages 22 and 51-62 for this class.  But a great read!

Reiki 1 Handout - Probably want to print this out!

Reiki Class Recording

Reiki 1 Class Slides

After Reiki Handout

Reiki 2 Handout - Probably want to print this out!

Reiki 2 Class Recording

Reiki 2 Class Slides

Questions? Contact me at 785-633-2424.

Reiki 2

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