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"Priest-ess Process" Facilitator Classroom 

I include the above video because it inspires me ever;ytime I watch it.  It reminds me why I do this work no matter what may present itself to deter me.  I also use it to advertise my Priestess classes.  I include the link in case you would like to do the same:

Welcome to thePriest-ess Process" Facilitator Classroom.  It is my goal to do my best to give you everything you need to become a faciltator of the "Priest-ess Process" as brought through by Nicole Christine. Below you will find links to some important information, including The Priest-ess Process Facilitator Manual which you will need to download and print out for yourself.  THIS IS MANDITORY!  You simply must read this cover to cover before facilitating every time you do a new circle.  It serves to pull Nicole's energy in and truly assists you in facilitating the circles as 'she would have.'  I also suggest that you print this off BEFORE you watch the trainings below as we will be referring to it.  

The Priest-ess Process Facilitator Manual 


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